Health Foods: Are you eating too much?


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Latest statistics show that 1 in 4 British people will be obese by 2025 – putting the UK on course to be the fattest national in Europe.

We have become a nation of overeaters, driven by gluttony, convenience, lack of nutritional knowledge, habit and cultural shifts.

But having such an abundance of readily-to-eat food is only a recent development, in evolutionary terms, and our bodies are struggling to process the plethora of fats, starches and sugars we throw at it.

“Our bodies are still geared towards making the most of whatever food they can get their hands on,” explains Dr Adam Simon, chief medical officer at PushDoctor. “This biological set-up was vital when humans were subject to regular food shortages, but can prove highly detrimental in our current food-rich lifestyles.”

To help you along the path of nutritional rediscovery, here are five of the worst, least-expected, offenders of over consumption – and how to tackle them.

The Telegraph: The foods you’re most likely to overeat – and how to avoid doing so

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