Health Datapalooza, Data Unblocking, Analytics, and Technology – Re-defining How We Deliver and Pay for Healthcare

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I’m here at Health Datapalooza in Washington D.C.  This year’s meeting – the seventh such event that has been held – finds us even closer to the reality of using data, analytics, and technology to re-define how we deliver and pay for healthcare.

Medelinked is part of a group of British digital health pioneers sponsored by UK Trade & Investment and accompanied by the UK Minister for Life Sciences, George Freeman, that is exhibiting at the show.

The stand has been busy.  Medelinked’s mantra of delivering on connected personalised healthcare and providing complete, consolidated care pathways is being met with the sort of enthusiasm you tend to get when people really understand a problem that needs solving but have never seen anyone close to cracking it

Solving the problem

But that’s just what we have done using cloud technologies, open interfaces, simple user experiences and devices such as smartphones, tablets, Mac and PCs with which consumers, patients and healthcare professionals alike are familiar with using daily.

Sometimes it takes being in a different country to remind ourselves at Medelinked just how far we have come (and, in this case, how far America’s formidable healthcare technology suppliers have not).

You can do that?  What now?  For real?!  Was the reaction of a US Senator and former MD when he saw Medelinked demonstrated. Well, yes (to borrow a phrase from President Obama) we can!

And for good reason.  Providers in healthcare systems worldwide are faced with aging populations, increasing demands and escalating costs. Meanwhile, we are now seeing a dramatic shift in what is expected by consumers of healthcare – individuals have a heightened interest in their own wellbeing and are increasingly interacting with personal technology to manage their lives.

New opportunities for improved healthcare services and better outcomes

At the same time, people are realising they have choices, are gaining control and knowledge and proactively engaging with health issues, actively working with the people that provide care. In this respect, the delivery of support and education from online technology and apps and their increasing availability, is the key to driving new opportunities for improved healthcare services and better outcomes.

But the enthusiastic reactions we are getting also derive form the fact that many public and private healthcare providers are still struggling to catch up with the wishes of their consumers.  Not only that but failing to reap the benefits that fulfilling patient’s desire for digital interaction solutions that reward emotionally and economically.  For them, seeing Medelinked is a sort of eureka moment.

In primary care, Medelinked instantly answers this challenge whist providing new levels of efficiency and effectiveness in healthcare delivery.  Medelinked allows individuals to get the care they need, manage their health and be fully engaged with healthcare professionals using an easily-accessible single set of tools.

Future health delivery and cost management scenarios

But much as such tools based around personal electronic health records are the way forward for healthcare in the future, starting with past health information being stored in an easily accessible way, they offer new opportunities.  In particular, the prospect of future health delivery and cost management scenarios being generated through predictive analytics from large databases of information including lifestyle data, as well as medical intervention choices, emergency assistance and medical advice.

And that is something that’s exercising minds too here at Health Datapalooza.

Written by Ian Gallifant, CEO Medelinked Global Personal Health Network

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