Bulging Britain ‘thinks’ it’s healthy


Six out of ten people say they’re clear on what to do to improve their health, but admit they’re guilty of bad habits.

Research commissioned by Kinetik Wellbeing, the healthcare experts, found despite Brits saying they understand health messages, a third are still confused by the basics, specifically how much exercise they should be doing, what the ideal blood pressure reading is and how much salt is too much.

422 million people globally now have diabetes, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). In addition, new food labelling suggestions specifying exercise times, are further proof of ignorance around what we should be doing to maintain good health.

Dr. Sally Norton, weight loss surgeon and Kinetik Wellbeing ambassador commented, “In my experience, it’s not that surprising that six out of ten people think they’re clear on how to stay healthy. In actual fact, all the recent studies prove that we are becoming increasingly unhealthy as a nation. This isn’t that surprising, considering the sheer wealth of conflicting and confusing health advise. It should be simple, focus on the big three, eat healthily, more more and check your blood pressure.

Read more at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/bulging-britain-thinks-its-healthy-ian-baker?trk=hp-feed-article-title-like

For more information visit http://www.kinetikwellbeing.com

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