Why Access to Patient Data is Important



The British Heart Foundation explains how researchers need easier access to patient records to make vital research discoveries.

Cardiovascular research in the UK is among the very best in the world, but research in the UK is not perfect. Too much time is taken up with unnecessary red tape and bureaucracy. The weight of form-filling is slowing down vital discoveries that could lead to new tests or treatments for heart patients, or better ways of preventing heart disease.

One of the biggest problems is access to patient data which is needed to make new breakthroughs.

To find out what type of data is important to research and how it helps, follow the link to the British Heart Foundation Science Blog



By managing your healthcare with a Medelinked account, and by giving consent for your data to be used, you can contribute towards the development of cutting-edge research to save and improve lives.


For more information and to create your account, visit the Medelinked site.


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