Government Crackdown on Unhealthy Lifestyles


Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 15.05.43

The government certainly seems to be on a mission to get people in England healthier.

It began at the start of the year with tough new guidelines on alcohol consumption. This was followed by the launch of the £3m advertising campaign One You to get people to become healthier. Next came Chancellor George Osborne unveiling the sugar tax.

Finally, last week there was the introduction of supervised gym sessions for people at risk of type-2 diabetes.

For a Conservative government that has traditionally rallied against the so-called nanny state, it represents a remarkable change in tack.

However, with the burden of unhealthy lifestyles in England costing the NHS £11bn every year, isn’t it more than time that we saw a change?

Read the full article at the BBC

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