Medelinked Platform Now Features HealthClick Optical Character Reader to Capture Medical Information from Stand-Alone Devices

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Optimised to highlight conditions and medications and intelligently match to electronic records

Medelinked, the online health platform that empowers healthcare engagement and management, now features the Medelinked HealthClick Optical Character Reader (OCR).

HealthClick uses an Android or iOS smartphone camera to scan and capture printed medical information – such as health records, prescriptions, referral letters and insurance policies – and from digital displays on stand-alone medical devices such as blood pressure monitors and glucometers, converting it automatically into Medelinked records, securely stored and ready to share.

Highlights information on existing conditions and medication

HealthClick’s intelligent algorithms are optimised to highlight information on existing conditions and medication and match them to existing Medelinked records, providing new information and additional context to data already stored.

Uploading to a record is quick, easy and secure. Using HealthClick will ensure completeness and consistency of the individual’s health record, whist reducing time taken to access and share medical information and allowing access to records any time anywhere.

HealthClick is being released initially in beta to get feedback from Medelinked users and developers worldwide as to the best and most common use cases for the technology.

Part of Partner Development Programme

For developers HealthClick is available through the Medelinked Open API as part of the Medelinked Partner Development Programme.

The Medelinked Partner Development Program is based on the Medelinked Health Cloud that provides the infrastructure, including Open APIs and SDKs, for Medelinked partner, provider and pharma organisations to quickly build and deploy digital and mHealth apps and services.

It is designed to accelerate the global development and adoption of medical, wellness and fitness apps, devices and sensors by healthcare consumers and service providers all of which can benefit from HealthClick’s connected OCR capability.

The Medelinked Partner Development Program allows developers to take advantage of Medelinked’s decade of experience in the mHealth marketplace and the ever-expanding Medelinked ecosystem of already connected wearables, healthcare and commercial applications.

Creating an online health record

HealthClick enhances the capabilities of Medelinked, where individuals are able to create a health profile online that is secure and connect and share their health record with their network of trusted health partners and providers (including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, trainers, insurers and clinical researchers).

Examples of the type of health information that, once digitised, can be sent to and received from a Medelinked account include medical reports, consultation notes, blood results, x-rays, scans etc.

Health records may be displayed by Medelinked Health Snapshot, which can be displayed on a PC, Apple Mac or any iOS or Android tablet or smartphone, enables both doctor and patient to use the Medelinked Partner Health Portal to be partners in health management.

Medelinked Health Snapshot supplies an easy and quick to read and interpret single common graphical view crucial to supporting current health state information numbers such as: blood glucose and cholesterol levels; calorie intake; weight; waist size; exercise levels and blood pressure as well as featuring contacts details and space for the patient to describe their symptoms and wellness.

Rapid overview of patient or client history and real time interaction

Medelinked Personal Health Timeline allows doctors and healthcare professionals to get a rapid overview of their patient or client’s history – including medical reports, records, messages, x-rays and DICOM scans. All are presented in a simple, clear, linear and familiar social timeline manner increasing the time doctors and healthcare professional have to focus on their patients and clients.

Medelinked also enables doctors and healthcare professionals to engage securely with their patients and clients via email, voice, text, video and instant messaging.  This gives them real time interaction for faster and more effective consultations, recommendations and review as well as preventing unnecessary appointments that could be dealt with remotely.

As part of connecting, communicating and collaborating securely in real time with all of their patients and clients that have a Medelinked health account doctors and health professionals can also receive documents and health partner share requests from existing Medelinked patient and client members, enabling them to connect into their network.

According to Medelinked CEO, Ian Gallifant: ”With the introduction of HealthClick, one of the last barriers to the digital health revolution has fallen.  We can now convert all healthcare media into an easily shareable digital format. This provides the means to make huge differences to efficiency and effectiveness in health state management, quality of care delivery and improvement of outcomes.”

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Written by Jas Singh, CTO at Medelinked

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