Making the Most of Your Medelinked Account: Wellness Centre

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The Medelinked Wellness Centre is the online tool that helps you manage your wellbeing.

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By connecting your favourite health devices such as smart watches, fitness trackers and health monitors, data can be uploaded straight into your profile, safe and ready for saving and sharing with your support network.

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The Medelinked Wellness Centre will help you keep track of and monitor your weight, BMI, physical activity, blood pressure, cholesterol and blood glucose using easy-to-read and understand visual presentations and graphical analyses.

Using Wellness Settings you can specify targets for the frequency of your health readings, as well as other metrics that have a bearing on your wellness diagnosis, such as your heights and smoker status

As well as ensuring your health readings are up to date, you can choose to specify thresholds for readings, alerting your chosen health providers when values exceed lower or upper limits.

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You can use your data stored in the Wellness Centre to send a Medelinked Snapshot to your Health provider. A Health Snapshot is a great way to capture how you’re feeling along with your health data at a particular time.

If you’re not feeling well and need to see a doctor, you can complete a Medelinked Health Snapshot and send this in advance so that your doctor has all of the information before hand in order to make the most of your consultation.

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