Making the Most of Your Medelinked Account : Adding Health Records

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 11.13.17

Taking control of your health has never been easier when all your healthcare records are in one secure place and are available with your permission whenever you, your healthcare providers, family and friends need them, 24 hours a day, wherever you are in the world.

Medelinked can help you do just that today.

Medelinked enables you to  create your own health profile by collating information from all the different health professionals you interact with as well as connected health applications and devices using easy-to-view and understand Medelinked Snapshots and Timelines.

Medelinked enables you to manage and update your health profile to include your health numbers, medical details including allergies, conditions, immunisations, medications and tests and store clinical DICOM MRI scans, x-rays, insurance and other documentation.

Adding and receiving information to your account is simple.

Locate the ‘Add Record’ button in the top right hand corner of your Medelinked Home page.

  1. Click on the arrow to select the type of record you wish to create. For example, you could create a record of a condition, consultation or care plan.

  2. Add in your details to the health record page. You can upload any relevant files you may wish to include such as MRI scans, x-rays or insurance documentation and press  save.

You have successfully added a record to your Medelinked account.

You can use your up-to-date health records to create easy to view and understand Medelinked Snapshots and Timelines that could help your doctor improve the quality of your consultations, understanding your problem before you meet as well as preventing unnecessary face-to-face appointments that could be dealt with remotely.

You can also use your records to monitor your wellness and set thresholds for readings, alerting your health provider when values exceed lower or upper limits.


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