David Cameron puts personal health responsibility on the agenda

Zaptag com-6

Britain’s Prime Minister, The Rt Hon David Cameron, looked at how we can take more responsibility for our health by knowing our health numbers today when he visited the offices of Zaptag Personal Health record, a leading supplier of online health solutions.  They demonstrated their online health account system, built using Microsoft technologies, to the Prime Minister and its integration with the latest Withings health tracking devices. Withings create lifestyle products and apps to help people across the world easily take care of their health.

By collating and managing health information in a personalised central online account, akin to online banking for health, Zaptag enables users to manage their information, track progress and puts them in greater control of their health.

The Zaptag Personal Health Record has been reviewed and listed on the NHS health apps directory and is receiving sign ups throughout the United Kingdom. It is also being used by Aviva for their international private medical insurer customers.

There have been some great advances in self-monitoring technologies and cool health gadgets. The PM was shown the latest stylish Withings activity Pulse tracker, a powerful pocket-sized activity-tracking tool designed to help users achieve personal health and fitness goals.  Streaming into the Zaptag online health account, the Pulse adds heart rate measurement and automatic run detection to the tracking of steps taken, distance covered, elevation, calories burned, and quality of sleep.

The Prime Minister was also shown the new Withings Internet connected scale, the Smart Body Analyzer.  The revolutionary device is the first of its kind and capable of measuring heart rate, air quality as well as traditional weight measurements and body composition.

The Prime Minister says “I was delighted to see that a start-up technology company in my constituency is performing well, supporting large companies such as Aviva. The nation’s health can be improved if we all take a greater interest and responsibility for our own wellbeing and tools such as the Zaptag Health Record and Withings tracking devices are helpful in enabling us to do just this.”


Ian Gallifant CEO Zaptag Ltd says: “If we are all more proactive about our health and lifestyle choices by knowing our health numbers, we can do more to help ourselves and our doctors. We can improve the general health of the nation with greater focus on wellness over illness, which must be the key to the future of our healthcare system”

Cédric Hutchings, CEO and co-founder of Withings says: “Understanding and analyzing your fitness is the first step to improving it. We all need to take more active interest in our health and wellness and now the PM can track how many daily steps it takes to run the country!”

You can start your health picture at http://www.zaptag.com and all the latest devices to help you improve your health and start knowing yourself and your numbers better are available at http://www.myhealthgadgets.co.uk and http://www.withings.com

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