Bridging the Gap, Travel Safety Steps Up

Passport? Insurance? Tickets? Travel Money? Medication? The most important thing you need to pack is actually online

E-tickets have replaced paper, people are traveling more than ever before, the world is becoming greener and more mobile, and Zaptag has come up with the new innovation, allowing travelers to be prepared for any emergency, anywhere.

As recommended by the government’s ‘know before you go campaign’, Zaptag has devised a comprehensive personal health record system, enabling people to collect all their essential information online in a personal account which can be accessed globally. The launch of Zaptag’s new application accessible via PC and smart phone empowers the traveler to be prepared,with all health and travel information able to be uploaded online, in your own personal account.

Following the evolution of social network sites, Zaptag works very similarly, enabling the user to create, link and share information with their trusted health personnel. All you need to access your account is your username and password, so if your belongings are stolen, you can have a copy of all your essential information backed up online.

The account even boasts an online emergency record feature, perfect for travelers, allowing critical information to be instantly available when needed, capacitating medical personnel to make better informed decisions about your welfare, wherever you are.

Ian Gallifant CEO of Zaptag is passionate about empowering people to be safer while traveling “Zaptag enables travelers to be prepared for the unexpected, delivering great peace of mind for when either on a beach or off the beaten track.”

The potential for this product to help save lives is becoming rapidly recognized with customers in their thousands using the product worldwide. Nonetheless this product is in no way just for the risk taker or those with pre-existing medical conditions. By having your health information readily available, you are prepared for any accident or emergency; wherever you are, whenever it happens.

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