Befriending your doctor, the social answer to health?


As modern media becomes the new expectation and over half the UK population own a smart phone, having a mobile version of our own health records seems the next logical step, allowing the health world to catch up in an increasingly online empire.

The Zaptag personal health record, enables the health world to do just that, with its launch of a new application, accessible via PC and smart phone. The system empowers individuals to take control of their health information, building their health picture online and connecting with trusted health providers in their own personal health space.

Zaptag has devised a comprehensive personal health record system, enabling people to collect all their essential health information online in a personal account which can be accessed globally. Following the evolution of social network sites, Zaptag works very similarly, enabling the user to create, link and share information with their trusted health personnel. Giving greater engagement with their own personal records and improving patient/Doctor relationships. Zaptag delivers a product with capability to encompass the shift in administration of patient data, digitalizing the files and linking the gaps in patients’ health records.

Ian Gallifant, Zaptag’s CEO comments “Having relevant personal health data available is giving people greater influence over the personal decisions that are made about them, resulting in improved health outcomes, which is an extremely powerful proposition that will make real differences”.

The account has an online emergency record feature allowing critical information to be instantly available when needed, capacitating medical personnel to make better informed decisions about your welfare, and minimizing the impact on your loved ones in an emergency.

The potential for this product to help save lives is becoming rapidly recognized with customers in their thousands using the product worldwide. Nonetheless this product is in no way just for the risk taker, by having your health information readily available, you are prepared for any accident or emergency; wherever you are, whenever it happens.

Ultimately, Zaptag empowers the individual to drive their own health outcomes, which is good for both patient and doctor. It’s simple, secure and everyone should be doing it.

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