The Medical Red Card that could be the Game Changer.

What are the two most asked questions in an Accident and Emergency department likely to be? “Are you on any medication?”,  “Are you allergic to anything?”. Simple enough, but what if you were feeling a bit off colour or could not communicate. We all want the best health outcomes and increasingly new and exciting web applications are empowering us to take greater control.

Zaptag PHR, who  provide Personal Health Record accounts to patients globally have launched their new Red Alert card, which directs first responders to a patients online Emergency Record. Created by the patient online by selecting specific records, such as vaccinations, medication, allergies and next of kin, from within their personal health record, the emergency page can  be accessed using a standard browser in a hospital ward or on a mobile in the back of an ambulance.

Zaptag PHR provides a simple and secure online health record service, enabling subscribers to connect with their healthcare professionals and manage their own essential medical information. Subscribers to the Zaptag service can use the applications health wizard  to create a personalised health record, combined   with the assistance of their healthcare professionals who can upload records, including consultation notes and X-ray images directly into a  Zaptag account, via the posting site

The  system provides the first steps to creating an online health picture that can be shared when seeing a new specialist or when you may need it most in an emergency situation.

So, whether its life off the beaten track or digging in the garden, you can always be prepared for the question, ” when did you last have a tetanus Sir”

The Zaptag Red ER Cards are provided to all Zaptag PHR subscribers, available at

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