Free blood pressure checks to reduce strokes and heart attacks during Know your Numbers! Week 2011

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Do you know your numbers? Know your Numbers! Week, the national campaign to get the public’s blood pressures tested, will run from September 12-18th this year and the Blood Pressure Association will be pointing out that ‘Ignorance isn’t always bliss’ as it urges everyone to get their free blood pressure check.

Research from the Blood Pressure Association has revealed that almost three quarters of adults do not know their own blood pressure numbers. High blood pressure nearly always has no symptoms but its effects can be devastating. It really is a silent killer, being responsible for 40% of heart attacks and 60% of strokes. If it is detected though, it can be very successfully managed.

A shocking 1 in 3 adults actually has high blood pressure and a third of them have no idea. That’s around 5 million people whose lives are actually at risk because they don’t know their numbers.

Ignorance really isn’t always bliss. Adults should know their blood pressure numbers in the same way they know their height and weight and the only way to find out what they are is to have a blood pressure check.

A quick, painless test can mean the difference between life and death or serious disability.

Know your Numbers! is the Blood Pressure Association’s flagship awareness campaign and is the nation’s largest annual blood pressure testing and awareness event. It takes place in the second week of September every year and involves hundreds of organisations nationwide signing up to provide free blood pressure tests and information at venues known as Pressure Stations.

Pressure Stations are located throughout the community including in pharmacies, workplaces, GP surgeries, hospitals, health clubs, leisure centres, shopping centres and supermarkets providing free checks for around 250,000 adults across the UK every year. Since its inception, Know your Numbers! Week has provided free blood pressure checks for some 1.5 million people.

Paul Newman, Chief Executive of the Blood Pressure Association, says,

“During this year’s campaign, we’re stressing the fact that ‘Ignorance isn’t always bliss’. High blood pressure is a dangerous condition when not managed and we hope everyone will take advantage of the free blood pressure checks to lower their risk of stroke and heart attack.”


Sir David Attenborough is Patron of the Blood Pressure Association and celebrity supporters include Michael Aspel and Timothy West.
To find out more about the campaign visit the Know your Numbers! website at


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