cancer centre answers educational need

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An online cancer centre, which was launched in July, has already been used by 51 per cent of all UK oncologists, according to its creator,

A total of 633 oncologists have accessed The Cancer Insight Centre (CIC), with medical conference highlights currently the most popular area. The centre aims to become the leading online resource for news, information and research on the five most common cancers –breast, gynaecological, colorectal, lung and prostate in the UK.

Created in support of the government’s stated objectives around early diagnosis, the centre has also been attracting strong unprompted interest from GPs and haematologists, with many hundreds of them accessing the specialist resource.

Dr Tim Ringrose, Medical Director of, said: “The Cancer Insight Centre fulfils a clear need for up-to-the-minute educational resources that enable oncologists and other medical professionals to learn and collaborate with each other in a secure, professional online environment.

“We are delighted that the resources have already proved so popular among medical professionals, particularly oncologists, and we believe that they will continue provide an invaluable source of information and support.”

The Centre provides a range of information, including insights into the impact of developments in global cancer research. It also provides access to advice from specialist oncology advisers and a secure online forum where doctors can share information.

Roche is among the pharmaceutical companies that are sponsoring independently authored educational resources within the Centre; while Cancer centre specialist The Royal Marsden will be the first NHS Foundation Trust to use the Centre to engage with doctors on cancer-related topics.

Published PM Live 10 Aug 2011

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