How to Keep Your Holiday Body


You’ve been looking forward to it for months and you’ve been working hard to get in shape for it. Your summer holiday. Whatever your preparation, all the effort that we put in beforehand often comes to a grinding halt once we set off on our holidays.

Holidays are all about letting your hair down and spoiling yourself; but life is all about balance. You don’t go on holiday and jump out of a plane without a parachute just for the ultimate adrenaline rush, so don’t throw out all your healthy eating and exercise efforts and just eat rubbish and stop exercising.

Try these tips to help you maintain your new look:

    • Remember the achievement: take a moment before you head off on your holidays to celebrate what you have achieved. You set your mind to get fit and you worked pretty hard to get there. Maybe you could have worked harder at times – remember that feeling too!
    • If you have a long journey to your holiday destination, take some healthier treats for the trip so you don’t have to rely on processed and junk food.
    • Pick one thing: pick one fitness activity and one healthy eating rule that you will follow on your holiday. Try and make it a ‘have’ rather than a ‘have not’. I will continue to eat my 5 a day rather than I won’t eat any chips. I will swim for 30 minutes a day rather than I won’t stop exercising.

  • Eat breakfast: it’s still the most important meal of the day, even on holiday, and is a great time to sneak in some healthy options such as fruit, yogurt and cereals.
  • Think about your alcohol calories! Alcohol is very calorie rich. Lower calorie drinks are spirits with (low cal) mixers and lighter (whiter) wines and spritzers.
  • Hydrate: especially important if your holiday is an active one or a hot one. You’ll also need extra water to balance the alcohol intake!
  • Continue to make healthy choices with your holiday eating. Of course you’re going to spoil yourself but try one treat a meal rather than a whole meal of over indulgence.
  • Get plenty of sleep: make the most of your holiday and catch up on missed sleep. Tire yourself out during the day with some walking, swimming or find a fitness class to make sure you’re tired at the end of the day.
  • Destress: swim, massage, spa, snooze – whatever it takes.

Get straight back into your health and fitness routine as soon as you are back. It can help to have a short term goal to focus on – a party, a short break, a race – to give you the momentum. Remember you formed the habit before your holidays so it won’t take long to get back into it. Exercise classes can be a great way to break yourself back in.


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