New Drink Set to ‘Chillax’ the Nation with Range of Health Boosting Properties

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The UK’s most slim-line, naturally flavoured mixer drink is fresh from the production line and set to take the nation by storm, with only 17 calories, a variety of health boosting ingredients and relaxing properties, Chillax brings a ‘naturally chilled’ vibe to the beverage industry.

Two years in the making and developed by the UK’s top blend house, after being invented in North Yorkshire Spa Town, Harrogate, Chillax is a natural mixer, made with a unique combination of top-quality ingredients sourced worldwide, including Rosehip, Hibiscus and Passionflower. Drunk alone, or mixed with spirits it provides 30% RDA of Vitamin C, E, B6 and B12.

 The natural ingredients provide a fun drink with a range of health boosting properties helping consumers to become naturally chilled, without worrying about calorie content. has launched and is set to be the home for partygoers looking to unwind with a key feature being the creation of a ‘Naturally Chilled’ playlist. The brand is looking to engage with up and coming talent, calling for local bands and DJs to submit their music that will then be taken to Ibiza as part of wider promotional activities.

Their ‘Naturally Chilled’ campaign also includes a cocktail competition, where facebook fans submit Chillax cocktail ideas, for the chance for theirs to be added to the menu; competitions to win a weekend in Ibiza, and special guest appearances in online web chats from famous faces sharing tips on how they unwind.

Chillax creator, Ray Averre, said “I am under no illusions that this market is an incredibly difficult one to crack but we are keen to get under the skin of our audience first, before going into mass distribution. We have already had resistance from some of the leading players in the mixer market and expect much more to come…but this is a good sign! I know what we’ve created is a real alternative to anything out there at the moment and am very excited about what the future holds.”

Blending natural flavours with Sucralose, the safest sweetener on the market, Chillax is suitable for diabetics, as it does not affect insulin levels, as well as pregnant ladies and women who are breastfeeding. The low-calorie content means women watching their weight can enjoy without worry, as it doesn’t even equate to 1 point on the Weight Watchers plan.

The fruity pink drink is flavoured by Rosehip juice – a fruit naturally very high in Vitamin A, B, C and antioxidants, used for treating the flu virus, as well as being a natural remedy for pain relief proven to relief the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain with anti-inflammatory properties.

Passionflower extract adds a delicious fruity flavour and helps ease anxiety and stress, used in the treatment of tenseness, restlessness and irritability, it is proven to help with relaxation making Chillax the best way to become naturally chilled.

The inclusion of chamomile is a blessing for skin as it lightens skin tone, giving a glowing look, as well as traditionally being used for relaxation and the anti-inflammatory properties help with pain relief.

Hibiscus is a flower rich in antioxidants that can help contain cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and liver disorders. Sourced from China, India and Taiwan it also helps to lower fever as well as providing Vitamin C.

Citric Acid balances the flavour of the drink but has a range of health boosting properties, being used as a cure for heartburn, bloating and digestion with amazing restorative powers. It’s high Vitamin C content also brightens skin and wards off cold viruses.

Chillax has included black carrot extract as it acts as an inhibitor of bad cholesterol and has many anti-bacterial properties, cleansing the body and fighting off infection.

To find out more about Chillax and its natural ingredients visit

Ray Averre said: “Chillax is a drink that has been created to help consumers to unwind at home, or to relax on a night out through blending a range of naturally health-boosting ingredients that were sourced world-wide to ensure top quality. It’s the most-slim line mixer on the market with just 17 calories, making it the perfect choice for those watching their weight. There is nothing else like it on the market and it can be enjoyed on its own, or responsibly with alcohol to make the consumer naturally chilled.”

The brand will soon be rolled out across a number of bars and shops nationwide.

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